Gas turbine parts

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Our Parts Division is a premier worldwide supplier of replacement steam and gas turbine parts and components. Specializing in the manufacture and supply of turbine parts such as packing rings and spill strips, we can also offer a variety of other non-rotating steam and gas turbine parts, from fasteners to valves.

Apart from Service and Reverse Engineering Products, We are providing a wide range of gas turbine spare parts. We can revert to own stock and a worldwide network of well-known and certified suppliers. This enables us to offer for worldwide activities either from stock or with a minimal lead time. Our delivery possibilities include spare parts for the following brands and types:

• Siemens (e.g. V94.2)
• Westinghouse (e.g. W251)
• General Electric (e.g. Frame 5, 6, 7, 9)
• Solar (e.g. Centaur, Saturn)

We are committed to achieving total quality performance by continuous drive towards enhancing quality experience, reliable and competitive source for all of their gas turbine needs. A one-stop-shop responsive service to serve customer’s personalized operation demands.With our partnership arrangements our services are managed and operated by experienced, fully trained staff, many of whom are resident in the markets we support to meet the varying requirements that each operation and application demands


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